How It Works

Our career accelerator is an invite-only experiential learning program for exceptionally motivated youth to become 21st century thinkers and doers. Within one cycle of our program, the marketability and employability of a youth is boosted by at least 2x.


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Nominate a youth that needs this opportunity of a place to work hard and succeed without limitations or judgement. 


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Law, Policy & Justice

Media & Communications


Visual Storytelling



Once nominated, every youth begins their journey with a simulation of Growthosphere. These simulations are community-wide events where students, entrepreneurs and innovators come together to experience new ways to grow together. Based on our assessment, we either onboard the youth or provide input to join during the next cycle.


Designed Growth

Youth will go through six certified growthshops taught by global industry leaders and experts. They will be assigned a growth coach and peer mentor for a frictionless process.

Within two months, every youth will be assessed and placed into apprenticeships with industry-experts. Alternatively, youth may pursue academic research with a professor or a self-designed project with their growth coach.


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Once a youth completes their designed growth, they receive a graduation portfolio. 





Exceptionally motivated students will be presented with unique opportunities to continue their growth through our invite-only youth community.